Rock-N- Grow was an innovative, monthly business report geared to assist leaders of all levels to help produce better results through an email subscription. The report provided:

Innovative Thought Leadership
Proven Best Practices
Tips, Tools and Resources

Each Rock-N- Grow report included a written blog, a discussion video of Jim & Kathleen, showcase props of brands/individuals, inspiring quotes, statistics, fun photos and free tools…all on a single focus/topic each month.

Jim & Kathleen loved the opportunity to Rock-N- Grow with leaders the subscribed, but the overwhelming feedback was that fans and friends were more interested in having access to them “live”. So, they made a hard but powerful decision to put Rock-N- Grow on hiatus. This allowed them to take a step back and look for opportunities to better provide craveable content in a different format.

To follow along with their respective brands or to reach out to them directly, please feel free to contact Jim & Kathleen at:

Kathleen Wood

Jim Knight

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